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john connor
john's just your typical juvenile delinquent who's moved around a bunch thanks to his mom and ended up in foster care when she was shot and taken to a hospital for the mentally insane for trying to blow up a computer factory in an attempt to stop any and all threats that could lead to skynet. to make a long story short, he ends up realizing everything that his mother said had been true about terminators, skynet, and the apocalyptic future that was to come and that he is the "chosen one" leader that will lead the human resistance against skynet, making him a threat to the artificial intelligence. hence, why skynet wants him dead.

being 10 years old in terminator 2: judgment day, i typically throw him up in age to be about 13. he knows a lot about survival and "living off the grid" for his age, even being well equipped with hacking into systems, especially ATMs for money.

mun: is 18+
timezone: EST
rp style: third person present or third person past usually
contact: shoot me an inbox

backtagging: yeah, let's do it.
fourthwalling: maybe not so much?
threadhopping: eh, whatever?

hugging: that's a yes.
kissing: also a yes.
flirting: honestly, go for it.
injuring: not against it.
death: going with a no thanks? possibly, maybe.

smut is not going to happen since he's underage but i don't mind "puppy love" sort of stuff happening. kids, right?

my love and everything for a kyle reese, sarah connor, or even the T-800 terminator himself to be played against john either on memes, psl, or musebox. aside from those specific 3, i am completely fine with playing him against whoever/whatever so long as you don't mind a smart mouth kid. he's a sweetie, i promise.


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John Connor

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